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Director's Message - Cary Dmello


On behalf of the faculty Pianoforte School of Music Gurgaon, I am pleased to welcome you to our website.  Our dynamic faculty of professional performers, composers and music educators welcome the opportunity to assist students in the development of their musical talent and nurture their passion for music.

Whether you're a just a beginner or an advanced student needing guidance, let's explore music together at Pianoforte Music Academy .

As they say “ music is the food for the soul”,  I strongly believe that each of us should learn at least one instrument. Learning music inculcates discipline, patience and perseverance.

  1. Treat music as a long-term commitment right from the start. 
    Students who identify that they will play their instrument for longer than one year outperform students who only commit to one year. The ideas and mind-sets students bring to their musical instrument study have a direct effect on their success. Make the decision to invest in your music education for at least a few years and you will see incredible results
  2. Treasure the escape from “high-stakes” studies. 
    It seems that everywhere we turn, academic expectations run higher and panic begins to set in: about facing the exam, or keeping up with “high-achieving” peers. Playing a musical instrument helps pull children off this fast track. Instrumental music gives children the room to find their genuine passions, the freedom to discover true independence, and the space to fail and bounce back.

  3. Embrace the “offline” time.  
    In our lightning-fast digital world, children do not have enough opportunity to build understanding and intelligence through mindful solitary activities. Learning music facilitates this offline, “slow world” learning.

  4. Understand that music is just as (if not more) crucial as any other subject. 
    Music is much more than a “special” or a “frill” subject — it is a core subject. When taught with healthy rigor, it is often the most enjoyable subject and practice at home should be treated as an essential part of the homework routine. Learning a musical instrument develops fortitude, willpower, and metacognitive skill.



We offer both group and individual classes.